Post Mon Nov 21, 2011 9:11 am

Canadian Content Laws

Reposted for posterity; originally appeared on the previous Library forums.

I received an email today that I need to share with everybody:

Dear Dylan,

As the operator of a forum on a website using a Canadian domain (.ca), you have some responsibilities to the Canadian Arts and Culture, eh? Lots of people are posting on your forum, and so far only one piece of Canadian Content has been referenced, and even that had a British communist in it. So we're just writing you to remind you that you have to provide for some Canadian Content, eh?

Oh, and say hi to your folks for me, eh?

Bob Mckenzie, Minister of Arts and Culture

So, to bring myself into compliance with Canadian Content regulations, I'll be posting at least one Canadian song most days. (I'll actually be posting two a day for awhile, I've got a whole bunch already done in Imperial Britain, so I'll be posting a past one, and a new one)

Thanks to Bob Mckenzie for reminding me of my legal obligations!