Post Sat Nov 19, 2011 7:07 pm

Welcome to the Library!

If you can see this, you're viewing the forums as a guest, which means you should register. You can find the registration link up at the top of the forum. You should register with the name of your nation, unless you have an established identity in NationStates already, in which case you should register with that name, so we know who you are. If you're having problems, join us on the irc channel , and somebody on the channel can help you out.

Once you've registered, you'll find that there's lots to do here. We've got discussion on all sorts of topics, and fun spam and other games. We're a community-oriented region; we put our community above the rest. If you're interested, we've got practical government in the Library Senate, which determines how we as a region govern ourselves. Please register and join us on the IRC, it's the best way to get involved and make the most of your time in the Library!