Poetry by Hermione

A collection of original fiction and poetry.

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Poetry by Hermione

From time to time, I'll post poems here as I compose them or find them in the labyrinth that is my old laptop's file system.

Here's a couple from the poetry course I took a few years ago. The style is a bit different from what I favour now, but I sill find them evocative reads:

Across the Sea

Thousands come
To see the place of death
Well fought, and life is a gong
That summons the soldiers home
From their long day at the factory.
Their unquenchable pieces flutter
In the breeze, never knowing
Just what sallow cockles they may employ.

Irregularly, unperturbedly, they call
For their brothers, seeking still
The gilded perfume. Their closeted stairs
Seek the stars. Calling out for the novel to close,
They march onward, seeking
Resolution of the plot.

The babies weep alone, as the daffodil
Moonbeams over tender heaps
Begin their slow journey of recompense.

In the alley, the watcher waits.
The legion salute the wall, then return
Into the icy blast of wilderness.
Their fear is naught but memory.
Their desire gone as well, they seek
Only in their bronzed hearts, preserved
For the world to see.

We see, and we swell.
Or we shrink, as we contemplate
The barren planks where once sat
Dozens. But life goes on, and we once more
Return to our gifted allotment.
It's what they wanted

The Knobby Oak

The knobby oak sits nondescriptly somewhere beyond the horse pasture
In one of the favored tree haunts, surrounded by its lesser brethren.
It is secretive – to locate its scraggling reaches, you must familiarize the ground.
I can reveal it to you, if you will follow.

Down the trail, the head of campsite of squirrels, the oak claws and stretches.
Its flarings to the sky, to share its message of mountain wisdom,
Gathered perhaps in its younger, more active days
When it would not have given time to your questions,
Nor shared its wisdom with you.

How many ascended back then, to sit in his feet, shouting to the wind
Their questions of life unasked, love unanswered, floating merrily through the branch maze?
How many returned to earth unscarred, having received an answer from the youth –
For an unexperienced tree is a poor guru, more concerned with its own journey
Than with the edification of others – and were able to become themselves oaks,
Holding vast storehouses of wisdom cloistered in their heartwood?

But now is a new era for the oak. It has dropped some of its younger branches
In favor of knobs, trading mobility for experience. It has listened to the wind,
Synthesizing the cries of its youth into whorls and scripture.
Its life has retreated to its extremities, which were once gripped by the hands of children,
But now stand alone, far from even the reach of the lesser ash and hickory.
If you seek it out, however, it will not maintain its pride for you.
If you listen, it will share its understanding.

I have sat at its roots, and I will take you there.
But no further dare I venture, fore I fear the height and the dizzying wisdom,
And the clutches of ages, the hooks of the past binding me together.
I am not yet ready for perfect knowledge; I cannot yet accept my knobs,
And cease swinging from branches. I am bound still to adventure and mobility.
My time will come soon, however, and I will show you the way now.
In this way, when the time is proper that I become the oak,
You will be able to find the path.

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Re: Poetry by Hermione

Wow. :) You're an amazing writer.
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Re: Poetry by Hermione

Aww, thanks. :oops:

Not everything I write comes out that well, but I do have a few I like.

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Re: Poetry by Hermione

Amazing work here. Lovely scenes.

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