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Dictator Monthly Catalog

PostPosted: Sat Dec 31, 2011 7:48 pm
by Legionica
I've written a few issues of a magazine I like to call Dictator Monthly. It was an ambitious thing to do for one person, and so it was discontinue. If you want to help start it up again, I'd be glad to hear from you.

Re: Dictator Monthly Catalog

PostPosted: Sat Dec 31, 2011 7:50 pm
by Legionica

Dictator Monthly

Editors Note: Please acknowledge that this is only a taste of what might be. I was thinking about doing this if I got support. For the full info, visit this discussion thread: ... 4&t=119393

Legionica has just conquered and now commands the small nation of Evaningham. The newlywed Caesar Primis Sanguine of Legionica commented, "I came. I saw. I kicked some serious ASS!" Shortly after, it was discovered he was drunk. In other news, lots of nations came and went along their merry ways when a large amount of people joined NationStates, now at an all-time high. Economic stability was made a large target for the people of SovertScotia, and a terrorist threat was put down by the new General of Tannarabia.


Head Story: New Slave-Rights Protection Alliance Formed
A recent push towards the furthering the civil rights in a few countries has turned into an international help group. The Union of Human Owning Nations, or UHON, was formed on Tuesday June 21, at 8:38 am. Several nations have joined, pledging soldiers and money to keep the rights of slaves up and standing. A few threats have been made, mainly from IASEN members concerning what they thought was a "pathetic attempt at revenge by the Vakali Empire". The threats were dismissed by the leader and chair of UHON, The Anglo-Saxon Empire. Said the Anglo-Saxon Empire,

"If IASEN was truly hoping to protect their slaves and improve the image of slavery on the world stage than they would actually regulate those who join it. IASEN allows such barbaric nations as Des-Bal and Unilisia into their organisation the former, and guarentees no actual rights to slaves, just vague protects from over the top abuse. UHON on the other hand guarantees slaves many highly specific rights including physical and sexual abuse, starvation, compensation if they are released so that they can sustain themselves until they can get a job, and medical care from serious injuries or diseases.

Beyond that, the goals of UHON and IASEN are completely different, while IASEN forces its member states into wars with foreign powers simply to protect a single state, UHON merely protects the individuals, paying the ransoms of prisoners, defending cargo ships, and overall supporting the individuals that are most endangered by foreign anti-slavers. Comparing UHON to IASEN is like comparing apples to oranges, one is a sweet fruit with a thin edible skin, the other is a highly acidic fruit with a thick, difficult to peel, inedible skin."

And so it is.


Special Feature: History of a Nation
Many nations come and go, as said before in this issue, but some just touch our hearts, and their guns are held to our heads. So, here it is. In 1936 Durham Yeto discovered a large island with many islands surrounding it. He established the land as the Sovietyeto and set up the Sovietyeto as state property. Durham Yeto happened to be a firm believer in communism. The United Socialist States of the Sovietyeto grew and grew each day, the property of one man never existing. War and crime were non-existent, as many who lived there either decided to move there willingly, or was raised there, so the idea of sharing wasn't just a pre-school concept. Revolts, though seemingly imminent, never happened. It was a relatively safe and peaceful nation. Time has yet to tell if they will stand the test of time. Utopia's rarely flourish this long.

Have any stories to tell? Contact us by sending us a telegram to our nation's capital.

Dictator Monthly, July 2011 Issue

PostPosted: Sat Dec 31, 2011 7:51 pm
by Legionica

Editors Note: Hey everyone! Thanks to popular decision, I am going to write these from now on! A few posts from other writers who signed up to help me will follow this one. Without further ado, July's Issue! (See what I did there?)
Nothing whatsoever. Nah, just kidding. It's the 4th of July for all of those patriotic nations. But what pf importance is it really? Mods are still roaming around. Many little nations are taking up arms against larger nations, of course to no avail. We here at Dictator Monthly asked our Dictatorial corespondent, Caesar Primis Sanguine of Legionica, what he thought about these uprisings. He said, "All of those little back-yard nations can dig a whole and die in it. Being impatient can get you killed. And in most cases, shot in the back of the head, the last words you hear the words to the Limbo song. At least in Legionica, that is. Anyway, I have to get back to my ritual sacrificing now." So there you have it. If you hear salesman at your door, shoot them! They have to ask you if you want to buy something anyway...

Head Story: OST German Elections!
By some odd chance, our reporters here at Dictator Monthly were wandering around and overheard news of this happening. After some digging around, and some *ahem* unsavory favors, our guys got the scoop. So, without further ado, here it is:

The nation known as OST Germany, unliked by many, lived in by few, has decided to have a public election. This is usually unknown to dictator-run countries, so our curiosity was peaked. Only three candidates are running at the moment, but they represent 3 very large factions. The first is Koloken Hustel, leader of the Communist Part of OST Germany. He is, expectedly, the peoples favorite. Next up is Joshef Kishinfork, leader of the Free Deutchland Party. He promises economic and social reforms of the state, hoping to bring forth a new age of prosperity as OST Germany's Fascist leader. Lastly, there is Mr. Fijengoebel, of the Deomocratic People's Party. If he wins the election, OST Germany will stay a dictatorship (as we all know we want them to). I encourage you to visit the polls, people! Decide the fate of random people!


Special Content: What's a "Milograd"?
We are bringing you another star-studded watch on a great nation. This time, though, it's actually someone you might have heard of! Amazing! Anyway, I'll start with this: A loosely-drawn together group of allied city states on some crazy island decided to unite. This alliance was called the Milogradian Federation, and the name would eventually change to what is now "The Alikarhian Bastion of Milograd". They've had a few great leaders, such as Dh'rco Jukill II, Kikori Rezni, and Seiji Tadami, all of them Dh'arco Rahvuhra of Milograd. It should be noted that Seiji was a child at his time of taking office, and this led to an uproar with the older population of MIlograd. The leaders of Milogradian past have always been compassionate, but the latest has stood out. He said, "I see my citizens as exactly that; my citizens. They are like... my children. It's my job to keep them safe, to keep them fed, and to keep them away from trouble. I do not want to think what would happen if I lost them..."

Have any stories to tell? Contact us by sending us a telegram to our nation's capital.

Dictator Monthly, August 2011 Issue

PostPosted: Sat Dec 31, 2011 7:52 pm
by Legionica

Editors Note: Bet you didn't think I was going to do another one, did you? Well, Legionica's got some tricks up their sleeves! Introducing, the August Issue!


Some things here, some things there. Xanadou (the region) is having a massive Culture Fest, thrown by none other than moi. Legionica now has three loyal Princes and Princesses, Xerxes, Tagor, and Aeia. Legionica has seceeded from [region]The_Renowned_SovertScotia[/region] and is now the Head Nation of [region]the Allied Legion[/region]. International Education was promoted, and all is well in the WA. Got news? Then go f*** yourself! Naw, just kidding. Telegram us if you do.

Head Story: A Look Into The Socialist Yuzar State of Chyeknovostan Republic

We've got some scoops, in a rather long interview, with some socialist friends about the Cjyeknovostan Republic. Here is what we got from him:

After a bloody civil war that resulted in the loss of almost 30% of the Chyekish Population, a new Empire arose under a Totilatarian dictatorship. However not lasting long, Staliko a communist revolutionary led a successful overthrow of the Government and established a Communist Party in Chyeknovostan. The beginning years were hard on the people as the party worked to try and reverse the effects of the Dictators who ruled Chyeknovostan before them. The nation was in severe poverty, unemployment was at nearly 40% and The country was in a state of Constant war with itself. Staliko died not long after he gained power, the result was a string of leaders who took the Communist party to the extreme. Finally a leader came that could lead and modernize the Decaying nation. His name was Arlen Velyestvo Tarkov. Realizing that the party was too powerful and that the nation was corrupted he ousted his own people that put him in power and established a council that ruled democratically. Soon after, he lowered taxes, gave freedoms to the people and worked to level out the classes and began to form policies that still shape the country today. He provided jobs and education and socialized healthcare. He followed Lenins New Economic Policy which allowed a few Privatized industries to operate. This allowed a sort of Mixed economy. However, the very people he ousted because they had become corrupted took his life. Upon leaving the Kazak Imperial Palace after a meeting, a rifle fired from atop a 12 story building embedded a bullet into his neck. It severed his spinal cord and killed him. The catastrophy rocked the nation. War ensued as violent protest took upon the streets. There was no one to take his place, and thus the government was falling apart. Finally another civil war began to accumalate, resulting between the people who Tarkov ousted and the citizens and others who supported his policies. In this struggle, that lasted for 4 months, 20 thousand lives were lost. Power was restored when a General by the name of Alekcandr Gregori Kartovskiy was given power. He was a friend of Tarkov and exiled the anti-tarkovist. The Council gave him power over the country and he established a Presidency. Finally however a war erupted by a nation named Dorchyenko. This small rogue nation was south of Chyeknovostan. And continued threats of war at the nation. Eventually war erupted, and Dorchyenko resulted in it's agressive behavior fired Nuclear Missiles at the nation of Chyeknovostan. Though damage surprisingly was minimal due to where the rockets had detonated it gave reason for the government to act swiftly. Finally, Dorchyenko was overrun by Chyekish and allied troops. Seeing now that the country could be vulnerable in it's state, Kartovskiy moved to form a far larger empire, a federation bent on equality,protection and alike idealogies. Under Kartovskiy the USSCR or United Socialist State of the Common Republics was formed. Many have speculated how he could have done his, but since the First civil war the Premiers of Chyeknovostan hold absolute power within a range that involves a checks and balances system. This means that Kartovskiy could do as he pleased, but within favor of the council. However this system was corrupted at the time, luckily though for the Chyekish and their Culture, their leaders after Tarkov have been sensible and compassionate over the populace. The USSCR acts much like the USSR did, a Country made up of countries. When countries join they are considered states, their military is given to the government, and laws keep them in check. However they can still act somewhat independent. The closest relatives to this system are the USSR or USA. The power over the Federation was lead by the Premier. This provided a backbone to the states and established a much alrger military, the result of Kartovskiy's policies and his ideas granted him fame. Though basically a dictator, much like any other leader of the USSCR and Chyeknovostan, he was considered a hero along with Tarkov and Staliko. He didn't oppress freedoms, unless they infringed the equality of others. However, radicals who wanted power began to plan for the fall of Kartovskiy's regime for a much more brutal dictator. Known as the Komorov Revolution, tanks appeared from a militayr base outside of Chyeknograd the state capital of Chyeknovostan and National capital of the USSCR. They fired upon the Kazak Imperial Palace, and stormed the building. Another civil war ensued. For 8 months, the war only occured in Chyeknovostan, this devastated the USSCR as a whole as the Economy dropped. Kartovskiy and his family were massacred at the palace. Their bodies have never been found. The war mostly occured around Chyeknograd surprisingly. Finally the Commander of the Armed forces fighting against these terrorist, freed Chyeknograd and sent the remaining prisoners to Tekrazh. Tekrazh was a prison established in the Kitonov mountains in the 1400s by the Kingdom at the time. It is considered the most Bloodiest prison in the World. Over 40 million lives perished there within two centuries. Stories of people dying of the poorely heted cells and torture and disease horrify the Public today and act a good detterent against massive uprisings. Augostov was able to capture Chyeknograd. He and his family rebuilt the Palace and reformed the economy. Under Augostov, and his regime the economy flourished. Several wars in the later of the years of this war-drawn commander and now leader began to take it's toll. The leader was in his late 50's and day by day, the hauntings of his past began to bother him. The one thing he held closer to him than his power was His daughter Natasha. Though always wanting a son, he treated his daughter like the one he never had. His wife died of cancer not long after His daughter was born. They had been married for 15 years. And though many tried to get him to remarry, he refused and stated his loyalty to his wife and daughter saying that "To the one I loved to begin with, is the one who had my heart. When she passed she took it, so Ihave no heart to give to anyone else" Finally, near the end of his reign, his health reflected the health and stability of the nation. The costly wars and trying to maintain a policy of Nuetrality had weakened the Federation as a whole. In late July, Dmitri Augostov, leader and one of the most loved by the people. Fell ill and died. His death, shocked his daughter. Upon his deathbed, she promised shed lead the Federation back upon it's feet. Natasha became the new Premier of the USSCR and leader of Chyeknovostan. She continued to work hard to prove that she could bring the Federation out of the Depression. And she did, however her Advisors didn't accept the fact that she should hold power. Many debate today that her advisors had long been regretting Augostov because they wanted power for themselves. Upon a speech in Tarkov square in Chyeknograd. The 23 year old, was shot by a sniper. A member of the Premier Protection Agency. One of her own bodyguards. She bled out on the platform and died. Not long after, the worst of the Civil wars since the one that granted Chyeknovostan it;s Independence erupted. Groups from all over the country long waiting, immediately too up arms and fought for control. But this war was different, it effected the Entire region. The USSCR was on the brink of total collapse, and the race for control of the Nuclear aresnal was on. Chyeknovostan alone controlled more than 500 Nuclear Offensive and Defensive bases. Whoever controleld these had the upper hand and could fire upon their own people. Izavonist as they called themselves were the ones who assassinated Natasha and captured Chyeknograd. The Loyalist fought against odds at time considered overwhelming. When the frontlines had finally been broken the Loyalist and their allies Approached Chyeknograd the once capital. For 6 months, Loyalist and Izavonist forces clashed street by street house by house. In the end of the conflict, the City of Chyeknograd had been reduced to rubble. The capital was destroyed. The Izavonist retreated and were finally defeated and massacred at the City of Mlasviy, 30 miles south of Chyeknograd. This war crippled Chyeknovostan. The council moved to Blesva naming it the new capital of the USSCR and estabished General Slovechov as temperary leader. Chyeknograd, today is still in ruins. The once city of nearly 2 million, was reduced to a little less than 40 thousand people. 8 years, have passed since then. Slovechov is now the new Premier of the USSCR and new laws and procedures have been put in place to prevent another war causing a possible collapse. Surprisingly however, the USSCR has regained control and power. As the economy has started to get on track following Slovechov's reorganization plan that cut the military back, and reorganzied the economy and living standards.

Ciel Rouge: New Language?

he Party has recently announced that the constructed language of Xylic has entirely overtaken English as the language spoken in Ciel Rouge. Xylic consists of only six syllable sounds that mimic the sounds playable on the djembe drum, meaning that from an upwards of 30km away a trained drummer can convey a message entirely understandable to those within hearing distance. A Xylic version of Ciel Rouge's anthem, "Ciel Rouge, Ballin' Are Thee" is being written by Musical and Cultural Adviser G.Tadogutadodro.

Example text:

English: The government of Ciel Rouge is both virile and handsome.
Xylic: Tadro Godudrotadotata dropa Drodo Tadro duta patadro dudrogu gutado drotadotado.

English: My hovercraft is full of eels.
Xylic: Do drodudrogrodropata duta pagugu dropa guguta.